Meet our Family 

Currently, Konfetti Kitty owns two studs and three beautiful Queens. 



Our stud, Dreamer, is a beautiful orange undertoned male Bengal with a very thick silky coat of fur. He is very vocal and friendly, always up for a pat and a cuddle. Despite his masculine like features, Dreamer is a big softy at heart and desires a great amount of attention or personal affection to make him happy.

Genetic tested :

HCM     N

PKDef   N / N

PRA - b  N/N

FIV / FleV  N


Our second stud TC (TopCat) is our newest addition and has swept everyone off their feet with his amazing Bengal patterns and silky fur. TC is a loud masculine stud who is kind-hearted but knows what he wants, and that is our Queen Stella! They make an exceptional match and are currently in mating season to produce what is expectant to be our best litter yet! TC is a well-mannered Stud who had come from a rough background but has progressed unbelievably well in the arms of our loving family. 



Introducing our first Queen of Konfetti Kitty, Simba. She is a very intelligent female cat who enjoys climbing her tree branches and having a nap in her hammock. Simba is darker than most Bengals, with more intense patterned spots and bright green-yellow eyes that stand out. She also is an inheritance of the shiny silky fur that glistens within the suns radiance, exposing her beauty.


Our second Queen, Narita, is also an orange undertoned female Bengal, who shares very similar quality traits as Dreamer (Stud). She gives out a very warm and welcoming ambiance to the people around her and aspires attention whenever, from whomever. Narita is a lighter appearance in contrast to other Bengal cats. Her patterns are strong and visible but slightly transparent, presenting a smooth and unique exterior.


Our third queen Stella is purely one of a kind. Her personality is by the most energetic and playful, demonstrating an amusing childlike character. Stella's appearance is a mixture of a bubbly brown, light beige and an orange undertone with a defined breathtaking rosette pattern that glistens in the sun. She enjoys playing with anything she can find and likes anything that makes a noise when it moves.